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Yesterday we offered you a snowy slice of solitude in the form of The Walkmen's Jake Davis directed video for "While I Shovel The Snow". Today we're offering you a sunnier set of visuals in the form of the Bruno Levy directed "Orange Sunday". The video provides imagery of that which we all long for, a temperate island, far from frostbitten reality. While scuba diving may not be on all itineraries, gently flowing surf and the warmth of a tropical sunset is irresistible.

Artist Bio

The Walkmen is an indie rock band, with members based in New York City and Philadelphia. The band formed in 2000 with three members from Jonathan Fire*EaterPaul Maroon (guitar, piano), Walter Martin (organ/bass), and Matt Barrick (drums)and two from The Recoys, Peter Bauer (bass/organ) and Hamilton Leithauser (vocals, guitar). All but Bauer attended St. Albans in Washington, D.C.

They prefer the sound of vintage musical instruments, particularly the upright piano, and have often recorded at Marcata Recording, a recording studio built in Harlem in 1999 by the three former members of Jonathan Fire*Eater and later relocated to upstate New York.

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