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The age of rock is far from over and The Vim Dicta bring ample proof of that with their powerful jazz infused sound. The group have married 40s style blues with 60s psychedelic rock with a clash of ferocious reverberation. Lead vocalist Cori Elliott brings a hauntingly soulful vibe to Matt Tunney's aggressive riffs and Chris "the Fuse" Infusino's banging drums. The trio have released two uniquely progressive EPs and are steadily becoming favorites of the LA music scene.

The band's assertively combative single "Point Blank" from their EP Von Tango, has a new music video directed by Katie Rose that we're pleased to be premiering. It features lead singer Cori Elliott as she battles with an evil Jungian projection of herself. The tall dark "sister", as the credits name Elliott's black clad double, kidnaps a naked Elliott with the help of her goons played by Tunney and the Fuse. All of the footage is kept exclusively in black and white, which serves fittingly for the intermittent 20s style shots of Elliott belting "I will not become you" in a blood-stained white dress. The video resonates with a riveting Gothic inspiration, reminiscent of Carl Theodor Dreyer's Vampyr. This bloodcurdling theme turns out to be a perfect match for the intensity of The Vim Dicta's chilling single.

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The Vim Dicta formed a little over a year ago from LA's re-energized underground music scene and have worked hard to hone their sound and personnel. Original members Cori Elliott, 22, (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Matt Tunney, 21, (lead guitar/backing vocals) make up the nucleus of the trio and have set the tone for the band's remarkable sound. NYC-based Chicago native Chris "the Fuse" Infusino, 28, (drums and percussion) was recently brought aboard to match the musicianship and feel by providing a powerful, consistent and intensely inspiring foundation. They are three equal parts of positive virtuosic prog rock (think "The Dead Weather Zeppelin with a dash of Volta/Santana"); a psychedelic rhythm section (a la Nick Mason / Noel Redding on a Latin Jazz acid trip) and a sexy siren of a soulful blues vocalist combining the punk attitude of Alison Mosshart with the timeless emotive soul of Billie Holliday. WOW.

Already veterans of the road, The Vim Dicta have played over 160 live shows at a diverse collection venues primarily in Southern California and New York City ranging from small "hipster" clubs to large well-known halls. They've put in time at music festivals such as SXSW; the Sunset Strip Music Festival; BuzzBand LA's recent Chinese Lunar New Year Festival; and are currently focusing on the San Francisco/Oakland area.

They have received endorsements from many companies including Gibson & Epiphone guitars, Gretsch drums, Paiste cymbals, Blue microphones and TC-Helicon vocal fx. The band was recently voted #2 in The Deli Magazine's list of "Best New LA Bands." Recordings of the band have always been 100% live in the studio (no overdubs at all); they just released the five-song EP "Von Tango" on their self-owned/run imprint, Psychogroove Media, and a critically acclaimed four-song EP ("Lucky Strike") in 2012. via


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