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In the biz, the techno-terminology we'd assign to this video? Production-y... Yeah, we went to video college. While there, we learned that, if the means for production are actually featured in the video - such as the case with The Very Best's high spirited video for "Warm Heart of Africa" - then it's production-y. It's an official term. It cannot be disputed...though my colleague is telling me I may have just made this up. Anyways...

Malawian singer Esau Mwamway enlisted Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig to lend vocal support to Warm Heart of Africa's title track. Backed by fuzzy fits of electro and some serious afro-pop tendencies, the track is an absolute winner...the perfect song for traveling the world in ones' imagination (or you know, for real..). Which is exactly what the duo do here, getting around Brooklyn, Africa, and plenty of other places via green screen. Like I said...Production-y! - David Pitz

Artist Bio

The Very Best is Malawis Esau Mwamwaya and London based producer Johan Hugo (We Dont Belong in Pacha).
By all accounts, the far-flung variables that comprise The Very Best shouldnt coincide but then again, how many bands can say they met in an East London (Hackney) junk shop? The chance introduction over the purchase of a bicycle in 2008 led production duo Radioclit to invite Esau Mwamwaya into their studio to collaborate on the mixtape that would launch their career. Containing an infectious cross-pollination of samples and rhythms anchored by Esaus soaring vocals, the mixtape quickly went viral (with approx. 850,000 downloads to date). Pitchfork offered them a slot at their festival for their U.S. debut, and worldwide tour dates for their infamous live shows followed.
2010 saw the release of the trios full length Warm Heart of Africa featuring Vampire Weekends Ezra Koenig and MIA which led them to share the stage with Florence & the Machine, The xx, Mumford and Sons, and of course Vampire Weekend across Australia, Europe, and Africa. That summer Etienne returned to France (disbanding Radioclit), leaving Johan and Esau in a Swedish cottage laying down tracks that would become the Super Mom mixtape. When it came time for the next album,most of the earlier sessions in NYC were scrapped in favour of what transpired in true TVB fashion just last October.
Johan flew to Esaus hometown of Lilongwe, Malawi where they rented a bare bones studio and recorded 9 songs in five weeks. The resulting tracks are their biggest and bravest and definitely indicative that this project was meant to be, no matter how it came together.

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