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The Soil & The Sun dabble in self-described, corn-fed, Michigan-made New Mexican space music. In this immaculate, animated video previewing the band's new album, the band spent 3 days moving colored peppers, rice, peanuts, kale, coffee beans and spices to create the mandala that was used for the cover of the band's new album, What Wonder Is This Universe. It's a bit esoteric, from a noise perspective, but we wanted to share the vid.

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The Soil & the Sun is corn-fed, Michigan-made New Mexican Space Music, or Experiential Spiritual Folk. Originating in 2008 as two-piece, the band has grown and matured into an eight-piece community of friends and musicians. Oboe, violin, cello, guitars, accordion, percussion, piano, and vocals, cooperate to create complex harmonies, layered melodies, and driving rhythms. The careful orchestration and intentional instrumentation will speak to your soul.


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The Soil and The Sun

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