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'Everything Burns' is a song I dedicate to my Father . I remember the first time the police came to the door looking for you . I remember the way my sister cringed at the mention of your name , I remember how broken my mom was raising 4 kids on her own , so we had to raise ourselves . It was you who set the non existent bar for me and it was you I was looking for in every man I dated to fill that void . You are the source . I had to realize that so I could stop taking the anger out on other people . I had to forgive you . That's the only way to move on . The most amazing things happen when you start forgiving . R.I.P" -Wynter Gordon

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Known as a writer (Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Danity Kane) and as a performer the Top 5 hit "Sugar" for Flo Rida and her own #1 solo Dance smash "Dirty Talk" "Everything Burns" and her new endeavor The Righteous Young is something completely different... Highly personal, yet decidedly universal.


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The Righteous Young

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