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For those who flock with the twee-set, the idea of a collaboration between Scotland's Pastels and Japan's Tenniscoats must sound like a warm and hazy daydream, streaked in vivid summer color and throbbing with love and life all at once. After all, fans of this type of warm and gentle pop rarely shy from waxing poetic about their love for of song, and the eloquent roles it plays in their daily lives. Nostalgia, it seems, is the bittersweet place such magnificent melodies often take their listeners to.

But "Vivid Youth", the first single from the partnership's new album Two Sunsets, not only feeds romantic nostalgia, but also allows its' listener to both bask in the glory of the here and now, and spark an imagination for the future all at once. Guess that makes this music for the past, present, and the future. Guess that makes this song sort of timeless.

Not surprisingly, the video for "Vivid Yough" sets its' summertime sounds to warn, home videos of the bands having what is pretty much the best time ever. Friends, family, Frisbees, food...a bonfire on the shores of a crystal drop of lake water? I think I best be packing my bags for a spontaneous adventure upstate this weekend. I think I best not forget to bring this song along for the journey.


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The Pastels and Tenniscoats

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