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Matching their goofy gobs of surrealist pop with a colorful, inventive, and juvenile in all the right ways kind of treatment, Austin's The Octopus Project brave the sea in this, their new video for "Wet Gold".

Looks like the band must have had a great day at the beach filming this one, right? Not so, explains Josh Lambert. "...it was wet and cold! We filmed it in Galveston a couple of months after the hurricane hit, so it was pretty devastated. The whole city (specifically the beach) was filled with debris and completely ripped up buildings - totally creepy. There was a pretty gnarly fog that day as well, so it only added to the eeriness. Making the video was a blast! Yvonne spent a couple of days learning semaphore and was spelling out "Wet Gold" when we filmed it. I've never been colder in my life. Standing in the ocean all day long in the middle of January wouldn't be first on my list of things to do in the future, but we had a ton of fun nonetheless!" Sure you did...

Artist Bio

The Octopus Project is an American indietronica band based in Austin, Texas, active since 1999.
Its unique sound, blending pop and experimental elements, is a combination of digital and electronic sounds and noises (including drum machine, keyboard, synthesizers and other devices) and analog equipment (including guitars and live drums). Its music is mostly instrumental.

On April 30, 2006, the band played the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. They were offered the opportunity after a fan, unbeknownst to the band, entered them in a contest held by the festival on MySpace in which voters were to "nominate their favorite band for an open slot at the festival". In 2007, the Octopus Project supported underground hip-hop star, Aesop Rock, and indie-elctronic icons, Stereo Total, on their national tours. In 2008, The Octopus Project performed at notable festivals such as Lollapalooza, All Tomorrow's Parties (music festival), and the Austin City Limits Festival.

The Octopus Project composed and performed a series of unique, individual scores for short films played at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin in February 2009. For their performance at the South by Southwest festival in their hometown in March 2010, the band put together a multi-media show which involved them performing material from what was to be their upcoming release, Hexadecagon. The band performed surrounded by 8 speakers, while 8 projectors projected videos corresponding to the music on tent ceilings above the stage and the audience. Later that same year, The Octopus Project played at Moogfest 2010 in Asheville, North Carolina. They were scheduled to play just prior to Devo's headlining set. Three days prior to the concert, Devo's guitarist, Bob Mothersbaugh, severely injured his hand and was unable to play. Since the band was receiving a Moog Innovation Award at the festival, and because they didn't want to disappoint their fans, the remaining two members of Devo enlisted the help of The Octopus Project, and together the two bands performed the Devo songs "Girl U Want" and "Beautiful World."

In 2011, the band snagged the opening spot on tours with Devo, Man or Astroman, and Explosions in the Sky. The band spent the rest of that year working on soundtracks for the feature film, Kid-Thing, and the video game, Thunderbeam. In 2012, The Octopus Project began work on what would be their fifth studio album, Fever Forms. The first single from the album, Whitby, was released as an EP in November -- complete with b-sides, a karaoke version, and a video directed by the band.

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