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With the winter holiday season just coming to a close, many of us are freshly familiar with the lonely, transitional feel that can come from too much time spent waiting in or traveling through our nation's airports. Similarly, this post-holiday time acquaints some with the notion of calling in sick an additional day or two, or just staying on permanent vacation. The New Year's video for "Seven Days and Seven Nights" (Airport) captures these 'what if' feelings and the mounting nostalgia for a vacation nearly over.

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THE NEW YEAR is a band formed by Matt and Bubba Kadane, the founding members of BEDHEAD (1991-1998).

THE NEW YEAR was formed in the summer of 1999 and has released 3 albums: "The New Year" (CD/LP) in 2008, "The End is Near" (CD/LP) in 2004, and "Newness Ends" (CD/LP) in 2001. All albums are on Touch and Go Records and licensed in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. The band has toured the U.S., U.K. and Europe.

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The New Year

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