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Power pop duo The Lovemakers wear their hearts on their sleeves. The band is pretty much based on how Lisa Light and Scott Blonde dated and broke up and tension and now they are friends, or better than friends? Their video seems to play with this idea by putting them in some timelessly eighties lighting while they lean closer and farther apart while playing music at each other. Symbolism! We like the part of their bio when Scott says "Actually just read all our album titles in chronological order, and make up the details in the middle, and you've got our story." Classic.

The video also details the relationship between two people who meet (or met?) at a party in a kind of freeze-frame three dimensional picture story... almost as complicated as these two ex-lovers being in a band called 'Lovemakers' about how they were once lovers writing songs about how much they love/hate each other. Hey, at least the music is catchy!

Artist Bio

The Lovemakers were an electropop/New Wave band from Oakland, California. The band was formed in the spring of 2002 by Scott Blonde (guitar, vocals) and Lisa Light (vocals, bass) who are the two core members. Light and Blonde met in 2002 via Blonde's manager, who Light was dating at the time. Shortly afterward Light left her boyfriend, and she began dating Blonde and joined his band Applesaucer. They were forced out of the band, reportedly for making out during practice. Afterward they formed their own band naming themselves The Lovemakers after the Japanese sexploitation film The Weird Lovemakers.[4] They joined with Jason Proctor on keyboards to form the initial lineup.

The Lovemakers released a self-titled record in 2003. A second record, Times of Romance, was released on August 23, 2005 on Interscope Records new imprint Cherrytree. A single, "Prepare for the Fight", was put out in advance of the album's release date. The album also features Josh Freese on drums. In 2006, Proctor departed to return to his day job as a computer programmer full time.

In 2007, The Lovemakers signed to Fuzz, a fledgling San Francisco record label, who released their third album Misery Loves Company on July 24, 2007. The album is an enhanced EP featuring 5 songs and 5 corresponding high-quality music videos. A single, "Whine & Dine", was put out in advance of the release date. For Misery Loves Company and the subsequent touring the band featured Brandon Arnovick on keyboards and Kenneth Hard on drums. At some point Arnovick and Hard departed, and Hard was replaced by Michael Urbano on drums. Urbano recorded drums on all except for one track on Let's Be Friends, but did not play live with the band after that time. On its tour in support of the album, the band featured Cary LaScala on drums and Gareth Lloyd on synthesizer for live performances.

In 2008, The Lovemakers began a production deal with independent music company Talking House Productions (San Francisco) and recorded its fourth album. Talking House Records released the album Let's Be Friends in September 2009 under The Lovemakers' own mark, and the band followed the release with a supporting tour. The label released an advance single called "See What I Wanna See" on August 11, 2009, which was featured by iTunes on its "WHAT'S HOT" list and its "NEW AND NOTEWORTHY" list. Their second single off Let's Be Friends, "Love is Dead", was featured as a Single of Week on iTunes during the week of September 9, 2009.

In December 2009, The Lovemakers announced they would play their last show on New Year's Eve in Oakland at Ghost Town Gallery. This site is near the location of their first performance 7 years earlier.

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