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With a dark and dingy dredge of bottom dwelling bass, brash one and two stomps on the kick and snare, and the ever reckless ramblings of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, The Kills introduce the first taste of their upcoming album, Midnight Boom (Domino), with this stylish video that bundles cool studded tension and angst ridden art all in one glorious work of site and sound. It’s called “URA Fever”, and it’s a macabre little piece directed by Sophie Muller.

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The bluesy punk duo the Kills consists of vocalist/guitarist VV, aka Alison Mosshart, formerly of the Florida punk band Discount, and drummer/guitarist/vocalist Hotel, aka Jamie Hince. After Discount ended in 2000, VV began exchanging tapes with the London-based Hotel through the mail, but both of them felt hindered by this method, so VV crossed the Atlantic so the duo could write faster. In spring of 2001, they issued a self-released demo that showcased their gritty, sexy sound and earned favorable reviews from such quarters as TapeOp Magazine. They also contributed a song, "Restaurant Blouse," to 5 Rue Christine's If the Twenty-First Century Did Not Exist It Would Be Necessary to Invent It compilation early in 2002, before their debut EP, Black Rooster, arrived that summer on Dim Mak. Along with gigs at the London and Glasgow LadyFests and supporting Le Tigre, the Kills also toured the U.S. for eight weeks before returning to London to finish their first full-length album, Keep on Your Mean Side, which was released by Rough Trade in spring 2003. Their second album, No Wow, arrived in 2005 and was an even dirtier, leaner collection of songs. Midnight Boom, the band's third album, was released this past March. - allmusic.com



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