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Everything is not what it seems in this new music video from director David Dutton (worthy of his 'short film' label). The Hundred Days may be a bunch of good looking rock dudes ready to party with the opposite gender, but these ladies aren't exactly as flexible as they seem at first. Too much tequila probably. Slug a shot and join us for a first viewing.

Artist Bio

One hundred days was the commitment made after four twenty-somethings met in the San Francisco in 2005. And, for 100 days the four young musicians - that would later name their band by the same name - spent night and day locked in the same house discovering and perfecting their sound into what has become a collection of critically-acclaimed indie-rock gems that are as catchy as they are clever and sonically arresting.

With driving rhythms, soaring guitars, textural keyboards and powerful vocal melodies, The Hundred Days push indie/alt. rock in new directions. Drawing from a variety of influences (post punk, alternative, britpop), the bands familiar yet intrinsically unique sound has been compared to The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen and Radiohead as well as contemporary rockers Franz Ferdinand, The Bravery and The Killers. A moody, dynamic indie rock band, The Hundred Days showcase tight musicianship complemented by razor-sharp pop writing capabilities with both sophistication and urgency. The band always hit the right notes, but still keep you guessing.



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The Hundred Days

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