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The Darcys tell the tale of a man slipping out of the gritty shit of reality, and into a beautiful one. Through his peephole the artist sees a junkie hooker as the girl next door, and a mugging as a beautifully choreographed dance. The world outside the box is an ugly place, ain't it...

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THE DARCYS are an art rock band from Toronto. Their self-titled Arts & Crafts debut was produced by Murray Lightburn of The Dears and released on October 25, 2011 as a free download and on limited edition vinyl. It is the first in a trio of planned full-length records. Second in the trilogy is AJA, an interpretation of Steely Dan?s 1977 studio masterpiece that was produced, arranged and recorded by the band. It was released January 24, 2012 also on limited edition vinyl and as a free download. A third original studio album is planned for late 2012.



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The Darcys

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