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Newcomers The Blancos grind their tune hard and want you to "Know My Name."

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As the story goes, THE BLANCOS got their name from a homie of theirs during the months spent recording at a Brownsville studio in Brooklyn. They rolled up as literally, The Blancos, but could hang nonetheless. Since then, theyve ingested way too many drugs, wrote not enough songs, and slept on just the right amount of floors to earn Rockstar stripes. That spirit caught LAVA Records founder Jason Flom off guard, and he immediately signed the band during late 2017. They had a caveat though. They had to let us be ourselves, adds Jayson. Know My Name is proof. Now, youre going to know THE BLANCOS name when their major label debut EP drops. If you love it, come join the cult. If it offends youwell, you know what to do.


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The Blancos

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