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The Blakes video for "Narwhal" follows a transgender boy and his girlfriend squatting with a group of kids in Brooklyn. Directed by Travis Gutierrez Senger.

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Begun as a pipeline for long-lost gems and out-of-print classics, Light in the Attic Records has begun to unearth
new talent, too. The Black Angels' drone-drenched psych-pop won countless converts last year, and The
Blakes' alternately fizzy and primal self-titled debut seems similarly primed for success.

The trio's self-released album has been spritzed up and retooled, but there's no containing the primal, giddy
energy that crackles through it. Careening back and forth between desperate/lovesick and drunk/predatory, the
band turns raw, conflicted desire into instantly addictive pop gems and scorching, swaggering rock. The band's
hearts and influences are on full display, but the results are wonderfully contagious.

For an ideal example, delve into the winningly bouncy, vaguely dirty "Don't Bother Me." "Don't bother me / I'm
caught up in your legs and I don't want to get out," singer/guitarist Garnet Keim pleads. "Stay in our own world /
We just want to make out." It's innocent and raunchy, wide-eyed and tunnel-visioned, all at once.


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