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Germany's Super700 have been raising eyebrows not only in their European home-continent but across the pond here in North America as well. The 7 piece band has just released their debut LP, entitled Lovebites and it is quite an album. Soaring synth merges seamlessly with more traditional rock elements while Ibadet Ramadinis provides some incredibly lovely vocals to make this LP one of the most surprising releases of 2009. In the video for the first single from the album, "Somebody Tried to Steal My Car", we see exactly that...somebody trying to steal Ramadinis' car in some sort of eerie forest. It's quite an odd video for something as straightforward as car theft. The thief in the video decides that the best way to go about the theft is to flip the car onto its roof and drag it away by using ropes. Very strange indeed. -Greg Lozoff


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