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Suckers have traded the synth-pop bells and whistles for building harmonies, group chants, and deeper bass lines. Sure they may look spacey in their new video for "Easy Chairs", but we're giving them the benefit of doubt. Maybe they're just mesmerized by the cascade of armchairs hurtling past them through hyperspace. The video plays like a grainy sci-fi movie on an old TV set which just can't get the colors quite right. The song plays like it's going to be everywhere this summer. So get them wayfarers on, don't be a sucker, and take a look. - Nina Mashurova

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In two short years, SUCKERS, aka Quinn Walker, Austin Fisher, Pan and Brian Aiken, emerged from their homebase at the Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a sound and aesthetic that garnered critical acclaim both in NYC and in the online community. Those same audiences-and a nationwide mass of new converts-found themselves fully enmeshed in SUCKERS' lush tapestry of joyous pop, style and imagination on their self-titled debut EP (produced by Yeasayer's Anand Wilder), released in April of 2009. The EP -and its hit single, "It Gets Your Body Movin'"-launched them to global acclaim via outlets such as Rolling Stone, NME, NPR, Nylon, Under The Radar, Stereogum, Interview and many more. With the members often simultaneously playing multiple instruments per song and singing, shouting and chanting in unison, the group's early shows (often featuring the band in face paint and costumes) were wild affairs featuring primal beats, future sounds, trumpet blasts, religious truths and the sheer enjoyment of three one-man bands playing together. The trio knew they were missing something or someone and added drummer/keyboardist Brian Aiken, fresh off a year abroad in Hungary. With Brian on board, the band hit their stride, packing local venues and sharing bills with friends and like-minded artists as Yeasayer, MGMT, Bear In Heaven, Chairlift and Real Estate.



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