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How do you coax a buddy out of a heartbreak stupor? According to Stone Cold Fox's "Seventeen" music video, the key is in the whiskey, hipster cheerleaders, and confetti.

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What started out as an acoustic bedroom project in NYC soon morphed into a full-on group and solidified its presence with feel-good elements of rock and pop. Founders Kevin Olken (lead vocalist/guitarist) and Ariel Loh (producer/synth) draw their musical influences from Radiohead, The Walkmen, Andrew Bird and more. Stone Cold Fox's exceptional musicianship grew from a place of deep-seeded knowledge, rooted in the members' early experimentation with a variety of genres. "I composed a bunch of hip hop beats from when I was 15 until 18, a lot of it composed from scratch and a lot from sampling vinyl. Everything was self-taught," explains Loh. Olken has a similar story to tell, "I started to play guitar when I was 9. My dad had constantly played me blues all my life - I was fascinated and it just made sense for me to play the guitar. I started classical, but quickly transitioned to rock and blues."

The group's debut EP, The Young, is a thematic declaration of nostalgia that reflects on tales of loneliness and of leaving home too soon, an all-too-familiar chapter in life that's perfectly captured with its emotionally-charged lyrics. Stone Cold Fox certainly leaves no stone left unturned with this record, making full use of layered keyboards and synths while maintaining a dazzlingly organic sound to create instant ear candy. Fusing emotion with extravagance, Stone Cold Fox has an instant knack for spoiling listeners with a splash of sweet sing-alongs that will leave you humming along to its larger than life choruses and adding an extra hop in your step with its toe-tapping melodies.



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