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Iceland just keeps cranking out talented musicians. The newest to land in our inbox is Soley; a sparse and somber singer songwriteror at least that's what her song "I'll Drown" would lead one to believe. We're going with it...until we hear differently (perhaps on Soley's album We Sink.

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A beat is laid out, hesitantly moving along at first, then careering, taking off; soon sepia-toned clouds of piano gather overhead, shimmering, turning darker and richer, and then Sley raises her voice a voice that, until five years ago, she didnt even consider a proper singing voice. Its true: the bespectacled multi-instrumentalist from Iceland, now in her mid-twenties, had been around the world and back with her band, Seabear, when she finally discovered her own vocal skills. Even though Sley Stefnsdttir sings non-stop in private, creating a musical backdrop to pretty much everything she does, it just took her a while to get used to the sound of her own voice. We all know this, dont we?


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