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Watching "Don't You Hear Me Calling," it's nice to see that Silhouette Rising knows its influences. First paying homage to the harmonizing ways they take from Soggy Bottom Boys bluegrass, but also making sure you know they're a rock band. The result is a refreshing meld of modern pop with a rich feeling of timeless emotion. We'd let them sing into a can any day.

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With varied influences ranging between classic artists to contemporary talents, the musicians of Silhouette Rising blend inspiration with art to create a sound encompassing the true necessities of music. As they promote their new and highly anticipated album Happiness I, Silhouette Rising has teamed up with their music label YTT Productions to transform the contemporary pop, funk, and rock music of today into highly imaginative art by presenting the groundbreaking video clip for Rehab.

These New England natives create natural, yet contemporary music that promotes all of the positive ideas that Silhouette Rising encompasses as coming of age musicians. Their music can be classified as fun loving and free spirited, and that is just what the modern music scene has been in search of. With eclectic influences ranging from noteworthy artists such as Incubus, The Fray, Circa Survive, Death Cab for Cutie, and Bon Iver, Silhouette Rising has made it impossible for music listeners to deny their creative approach to music.


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