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If you haven't heard: Side Saddle is an up and coming New York based folk music man. Ian McGuiness' new single "Don't Wait for Him" combines a great flow of lyricism with an infectious instrumental life that'll make you feel like your skipping down a suburban block munchin' on some apple jacks. Don't we all have a sappy soft spot for the unsettling sincerity of a homegrown singer songwriter? YES, we do... and McGuiness is no exception! His debut EP the postcard will be rolling out March 25th, but until then "Don't Wait for Him" will have to hold you over.

It's simple. It's sweet. It might even be something you've heard before, but McGuiness, in this song in particular, has a knack for inviting the listener in. It conjures a sensation similar to the one you feel when you get a phone call from your sweet Aunt Rita, she may not be the most exciting person to hear from but she's sweet and you'll probably have a pleasant conversation. Simplicity is so often underrated, but this tune definitely got it right.

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Ian McGuinness, aka Side Saddle, is known for his catchy and finely wrought folk-pop tunes.


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