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Meet Sharon Van Etten; a lovely, acoustic musician who comes to us by way of Jersey, Tennessee, and, most recently, Brooklyn New York. Word is this wispy chanteuse made the most of her musically supportive upbringing, playing anything placed in front of her, auditioning for every choir and/or musical she could find, and eventually penning her own tunes.

Sounds like a strong musical legacy; one that's apparent in her soon to be released album Because I Was In Love. Some folks do some pretty silly things for that reason. But making an album as beautiful as this is not one of them. Take a listen to the song "For You" (offered below), for example. In it Van Etten glosses gentle, cascading guitar chords with hypnotic but memorable vocal melodies. Sure, she'll probably have a tough time dodging Chan Marshall comparisons. But "For You" also tapers off into more trance-educing territory than that particular touchstone. A real beauty mark indeed.

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Sharon Van Etten is a Jersey born, Tennessee raised, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. She grew up playing anything placed in front of her: piano, violin, guitar, etc. Later, as her nascent musicality bloomed into full sprung awareness, she joined every choir and musical she could possibly audition for. This eventually lead to Sharon writing her own material, songs she wouldn't start performing live until she moved back to the east coast. In the interim she found her own voice and began a love-affair with the grass-roots style of music that flowers throughout her debut release.



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Sharon Van Etten

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