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Today, we're very excited to premiere the new video for the all female trio Sharkmuffin. The band is making some waves in Brooklyn with a sound that brings back memories of the hard rocking grunge/punk from the late 80s. Fronted by Tarra Thiessen, who pulls inspiration from the likes of Karen O and even Joan Jett, Sharkmuffin seem slated for a bright future.

In the new video for "Mermaid Sex Slave," the band took to the Coney Island boardwalk to jam out and get weird with some out-of-the-ordinary marine life. The song is featured on Sharkmuffin's new EP, She-Gods of Champagne Valley, which is available on their website in both 7 " and cassette formats.

Artist Bio

Sharkmuffin's name fits. The Brooklyn all female 3-piece outfit crafts adorable pop music with jagged, garage-aged fangs. With lyrical subjects including incest, mythical bestiality, and homicidal heroin using femebots, Thiessen's gutsy vocals jump between gentle moans to rough, forceful screams. They melt into Sarah Peterson's crashing cymbals and Natalie Kirch's thudding bass in a harmonious union. Their admiration for 90s alternative girl group-esquehooks are paired with heavy 1970s inspired guitar riffs to create the raw sound of these punk rocking debutants. With these guys, it's no secret the end goal is fun. With them, you will dance. You will scream. With these guys, it's no secret the end goal is fun. Sharkmuffin doesn't really give a fuck. They just want to have a good time.



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