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Savages new "Strife" video was inspired by Albert Camus' 1942 novel, The Stranger. Singer Jehnny Beth explains, "We wanted to make a video that focused on a timeless human physicality and physical expression, a search for understanding through the movement, action and reaction of two characters. We chose the classical landscape of the empty beach. A fight ensues between two men: one older, one younger; a tragic outcome, and death."

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Savages fire straight from the heart of London. Guitarist Gemma Thompson had come up with the name for the band and had been discussing the idea with singer, Jehnny Beth, for almost a year. Thompson says the band's name was derived from books, such as Lord of the Flies, that she read when she was younger. The band was eventually formed in October 2011 and they had their first gig in January 2012[4] supporting rock band British Sea Power.[3] Their manager John Best also manages Sigur Ros. The Observer has said of Savages "it's not exactly sexy, it's not funny and they're not going to be rolling around in mud like the Slits. But it's the closest thing to art that "post-punk"... has offered in a while". The New Musical Express described their performances as "frottage-inducingly intense affairs".



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