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Sasha Sloan goes downbeat with "at least i look cool."

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Los Angeles-based songwriter Sasha Sloan got her start by contributing vocals to tracks for better-known electronic artists. Throughout 2017, Sloan was the voice for singles and standout songs by the likes of King Henry, Kaskade, and ODESZA. She also sang lead on Kygo's "This Town" from the Stargazing EP, a five-song collection where she joined guest appearances from Justin Jesso and Selena Gomez. By late 2017 she began releasing her own tracks, starting with the moody, tumultuous "Ready Yet" and following it up a month later with the melancholic "Runaway," which candidly chronicled a raw breakup with a long-term boyfriend. A barrage of singles including "Fall," "Normal," and "Here" all led up to the release of Sloan's 2018 debut EP, Sad Girl, on RCA Records. Two more singles, "The Only" and "Faking It," followed later that year.

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Sasha Sloan

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