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On Snowyman, a wild masala of urgent, dark vocals whipped around fiercely tribal beats. The dizzying track comes straight from the intersection of New Wave and post-punk (or maybe nowhere near that, perhaps it's spinning wildly on a corner of the dance floor all its own). Either way, it's innovation, with a seductive mystical-lyrical overtone.

The video illustrates the ancient Indonesian folklore of Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan. The story tells of love and deception and the resulting forlornness that ensues from this deceit., directed by Nerenda Eid and features Wayang Kinekt technology and animation by Antonius Wiriadjaja.

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That Saadis musical history reads like something out of a V.S. Naipaul novel is incidental. As the (entirely true) legend goes, Boshra al Saadi was born in Syria, sojourned in suburban Pennsylvania for a spin in Catholic school, ventured to NYCs Greenwich Village in her late teens with folksinger dreams, and cut her teeth as co-frontwoman for indie rock band Looker, before setting out on her own. Its an enchanting backstory no doubt, but it merely hints at the edges of the spirit of the songstress. Saadis relaxed, yet electro-happy brand of indie pop transcends era, simultaneously redolent of no wave, new romantic, afro disco, shoegaze, post punk, and that ever-present other. Her voice possesses that rare blend of churning passion and disembodied detachment. Its no surprise she cites Brian Eno as an influence, as her radiant sounds hearken both the 1970s pop-savvy and the latter-day electronic experiments of that musical wizard.


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