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We're big ole Rooney fans. So imagine our surprise when we stumbled across this brand new video for "Second Chances", from singer Robert Schwartzman. The song dabbles is a chunky, hard hitting kind of guitar pop. As piercing as the guitar cuts are, it's the video that'll really stick you. Schwartzman enlists both famous brother Jason and Weezer's Brian Bell to star in the bedridden plot line. The song is pulled from Robert's recently released solo album Double Capricorn.

Artist Bio

Robert Schwartzman is a singer/songwriter/producer best known as the lead singer/songwriter of the Los Angeles alternative pop band ROONEY. He has written multiple top charting radio hits in the US and internationally and has been a global touring act since 2002. He has co-written and collaborated with artists such as The Jonas Brothers, James Blunt, Coconut Records, Demi Lovato, Ben Lee, Jeff Barry, Kate Pierson, Alexz Johnson, Joe Jonas, Chester French, Ocean Grove, We The Kings, Miles Fisher, and Castledoor. He launched an indie label in 2009 called California Dreamin Records and has released music by artists Miles Fisher, Lots of Love, JR., Undercover, SoloBob, Rooney, and his current solo album Double Capricorn. The album is a not-for-profit release, with all profits being donated to the Tibetan Healing Fund, a charity that provides healthcare and education to women and children in rural areas in Tibet.



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Robert Schwartzman

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