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Robert Raimon Roy - "Little Egypt Wavy".

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Born on March 30, 1979, Robert Raimon Roy is a half-French, half-Filipino rapper, singer, writer, producer, painter, drawer, and conceptual artist from Jacksonville, Florida.

His newest work, Le Tigre Blanc, is an adventurous pop album that deforms and combines several epochs of rap, R&B, jazz, and rock music, from James Brown-esque grunts and screams, to 90's New Jack Swing, to modern trap, and even gospel hymns; it is a meta-work of the Internet era, a coming-of-age tale for the posthuman.

The album's first video, "Robert Raimon Roy," is set to debut on October 9th, 2012. The full-length release for Le Tigre Blanc will follow on December 11th, 2012.


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Robert Raimon Roy

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