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Daniel Trudeau is a singer, songwriter, and producer who records under the moniker Pregnant. Earlier this week, a track from his recently released album Life Hard : I Try was brought to our attention via a video for "Letter To A Friend"; a visual we're happy to be premiering on Baeble.

The song itself is an exotic swirl of musical elements; glitch electronics, simple plucked acoustics, and runs of eastern influenced harps, all meandering around a story about taking the long road, adversity, and the fruits of labor. Visually, Trudeau enlists an elder recluse to wander the woods, providing a few disturbing images (bloodied photographs) as to why he's where he is. Like the not so straightforward soundtrack accompanying it, the story takes a variety of bends in unexpected ways; as warped a video as its' subjects' mind, no doubt.

Directed by Sean Stout of Terroreyes.tv.

Artist Bio

Pregnant is the musical pipe works of once described hillbilly savant Daniel Trudeau, an intriguing producer, visual artist, musician, and father hailing from the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. Pairing a sweet vocal style reminiscent of Neil Young with a swelling collage of electronics, foot pedals, guitars and even saxophone, Pregnants whimsical and DIY vibes are dream-worthy. Raising a family in Placerville, CA brings inspiration to the all aspects of his music, as the lyrics and instrumentation work together to capture a feeling of modern isolation, personal struggle, and self-discovery. After a rapid succession of limited edition releases that helped refine and perfect his sound, Pregnant's Mush debut, Life Hard : I Try fulfills the promise of his earlier work without losing any of the risk-taking genre mixing that makes his music so unique. Pregnant's willingness to combine traditional songwriting, pure vocals, and warped experimentation mark him as an act to watch.



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