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San Louis Obispo's curiously named PK generally dabble in the kind of triumphant, synth rocking goodness bands like The Killers and Muse steamroll their audiences in. However, on a recent tour shuffle through the Pacific Northwest, the band teamed up with director Nick S. Everett and his Studio 8 production team to shoot a haunting, acoustic rendition of the band's song "Berelain", from their recently released Lost Boys Sessions EP. The performance was captured northwest of Portland at the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. Explains singer Travis Hawley, "After driving for what seemed like hours in the cold pitch black night we arrived at a beach with a colossal spacecraft anchored in the sand. From what we could gather this fiberglass craft had been secretly built as an ark of sorts deep in the woods back in the 60's. At some point in the past 50 years there was a flood on the river which floated the spaceship to its current location, which is interestingly enough a popular nudist beach". Nice. Not only is this the exclusive premiere of the video, but Hawley's description also helps explain THIS video which we featured a couple months back.



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