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Happy Hollows front woman and guitarist Sarah Negahdari has gained a rather awesome reputation for channeling greater forces through her cataclysmic shredding. We've seen it. We don't know where it comes from -- nature, the cosmos, wherever -- but it's there. Though toned down to acoustic work, her solo project Pisces seems fueled by the same inspirational energy, so it's fitting Negahdari would take to nature's arena for her video to the tune of "Paint a Rocket".

Artist Bio

PISCES is my folk/art/indie project. I wrote most of the songs while on tour with my band Happy Hollows. They started coming to me in spurts, always while there was a big magical full moon out.

Charlie, the bass player of Happy Hollows, heard my demos, and had the idea that I record with the genius who is Joel Morales of the band Dios. We both loved Joel's production style on his records.

We approached Joel, and I became the first artist, besides his own music, that he took on. He found an abandoned studio apartment in downtown LA , and he set up shop, and recorded me in the kitchen! :)

I also gotta give props to our man Dave Newton, who we recorded a few of the drum and bass tracks with! :)

Also, my boys Charlie and Chris (our former drummer from Happy Hollows) played the bass and drums on the recordings!



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