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Pillar Points latest clip Dreamin, produced by Wild Combination and directed by Jacob Krupnick, the video clip tells a story through the art of dance. Capturing these smooth moves is Daisuke Omiya, whose character is a young man. Weaving in and out of busy passerby in downtown New York City, he dances through traffic and millions of people, all the while with a look of deep concentration channeling an older man who looks longingly out of a window, into the past or the future, or the deep unknown.

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Wrapped in vintage synthesizers, drum kits and dark slinking bass lines Pillar Point pulses with an organic heartbeat beneath a warm, analog fabric. When the vocals appear like an unhinged Ray Davies urging you to come dance, it's an invitation you can't refuse. Take a sunset trip out to Pillar Point and feel love like a kick drum.


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Pillar Point

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