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Manny and Landa aka PANDAS, cruise around Los Angeles on a bike to meet up with old flings that they hooked up with from Instagram in their video for "PARIS" ft. Jutes.

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Formed in New York in 2016, PANDAS began when Manny "decided to lock myself in a room and just vibe 'cause I felt like I had so much left to say." After having surgery on his vocal chords that could have possibly ended his career and ability to sing, Manny felt like this was his second chance. "The only goal was to make authentic music that represented who we were." Ultimately the music Manny and Landa created was meant to serve a greater purpose: giving each listener a deeper sense of what's possible in their own world. "The hope is that this dream of ours will inspire other people to do the same thing we did. Find out who you truly are and what you really want to do and do it! You got one life, don't live it on someone else's terms." The duo churn out big screen-worthy anthems that are as experimental as they are engaging. Stay tuned for more to come from PANDAS.

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