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It wouldn't be a video without a NSFW kind of moment...which comes early in Owen Pallett's new video for "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt". Wonder if that's Lewis there...the one getting cigarette smoke blown up his arse? Talk about a nicotine fix! Later, the computer game shuffle of looped violins and vocals gets met with some lickity split splicing of images both surreal and of the everyday variety. It's a pretty wicked video. What Pallett is getting at, however... Who the heck knows?!

Artist Bio

Michael James Owen Pallett (born September 7, 1979) is a Canadian composer, violinist, keyboardist, and vocalist, who performs solo as Owen Pallett or, before 2010, under the name Final Fantasy. As Final Fantasy, he won the 2006 Polaris Music Prize for the album He Poos Clouds. .

On his Final Fantasy releases, Pallett has collaborated with Leon Taheny, who is credited as drummer and engineer. Following the release of Heartland, Pallett has toured with guitarist/percussionist Thomas Gill and more recently with his former collaborators in Les Mouches, Rob Gordon and Matt Smith.

Pallett has been noted for his live performances, wherein he plays the violin into a loop pedal, a technique also used by musicians such as Andrew Bird, Jeremy Larson, Kishi Bashi, Emily Wells and Zo Keating. Pallett uses Max/MSP and SooperLooper to do multi-phonic looping, which sends his violin signal to amplifiers across the stage.

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