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Dallas synth punks Nervous Curtains set their tune "Moody Photos" (from their sophomore album Fake Infinity) to images of a party you really don't want to go to...but will probably find yourself at...most likely tonight. Frontman Sean Kirkpatrick told The Dallas Observer, "You stand around the kitchen trying to make conversation. Everyone wants to be the DJ and fights over the music. You wind up with one person dancing to some metal record that no one else wants to hear. Somebody stares blankly at abstract video art that's playing on the TV. Somebody sneaks off to partake in anti-social non-recreational drug use. Others drink, text, flip through magazines and shift uncomfortably. Finally, you try to sneak out without having to say goodbye or tell anyone that you're leaving."

Enjoy your Friday night everybody!

Artist Bio

-Dallas, TX trio formed by Sean Kirkpatrick (formerly of The Paper Chase) in 2008
-Out of Sync With Time (2010) and Fake Infinity(2012) both on Latest Flame Records
-Post-punk synth tension mixed with timeless class
-Electric convulsions and dark rock pulsations
-Grim disposition and black humor presented in dramatic fashion
-Hypnotic waves of power that are torn and jagged like rock and roll should be
-Subtly catchy songs chronicling pathologies and various other disturbances
-Not to be easily classified

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Nervous Curtains

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