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Talk about suffering for your art. New York outfit My Glorious Mess braved a foot of snow, mile long hikes, and an A-frame cottage with no heat, running water or electricity to tell the tale that unfolds in this premiere of the band's video for "After the Afterglow". The story here is loosely based on two lovers bound by a secret possession. That item, it seems, is pretty powerful (much like the glowing case in Pulp Fiction). Have a look at the caper and surprising aftermath and be sure to pick up the band's self-titled EP on their website. Directed by Josh "Bear" Baron of Bear In Motion.

Artist Bio

Not just another Brooklyn-based band with an impossibly cool name, co-writing partners and producers in crime, Joseph Blaise, Ambyr DAmato and Paul Vazquez are coming together and breaking through the noise with a sunny new brand of piano-driven folk-pop.

The band has tapped into a catchy, uplifting sound that fuses together their collective histories of classical music and classic pop/rock with keyboards, guitars, gorgeous vocal harmonies and an electronic beat-driven twist.

Fully embracing the DIY spirit, My Glorious Mess has independently released a full-length record and a 5-song self-titled EP available internationally on iTunes. The band is currently writing and recording new material for licensing and publishing opportunities and performing live in New York City, Brooklyn and regionally throughout the U.S.



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