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Monahans didn't always flash the pop chops they have now. Instead, there was a time when the Austin based band labeled themselves Milton Mapes, leaning hard on the kind of musical aesthetic inspired by cowboy boots and Lone Star beer in the process. But in '07, Greg Vanderpool, Roberto Snchez, Britton Beisenherz, and Jim Fredley changed their songwriting process from the old singer-songwriter-with-a-band model to a more collaborative effort. Naturally, a new namesake, and album, Low Pining, soon followed.

Now, two years removed from the change, the band is set to release Dim the Aurora (Misra); a collection of tunes that finds the band balancing "anthemic pop gems...with a number of instrumental tracks (including the twenty-plus-minute exploration Terrene) where human ambition and nature collide somewhere in a murky, mysterious spiritual realm."

Look for the album when it's released next week. For now, try to keep up with the band's video for "It's Enough To Leave You...". Chicago, NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, and everywhere in between; Monahans leave no stone unturned in this hyper-paced, BAEBLE EXCLUSIVE! - david pitz

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We named our band "MONAHANS" after these desolate sand dunes out in West Texas. Unfortunately that context often gets lost on people who aren't familiar with the place.

But our songs aren't so much about a particular geographic location as they are about contrastContrast between rural & urban, between heaven & earth, beginning & end. Somewhere all those things start to bleed togetherthat's where these songs live.

"Leveler" is what we've chosen to call the latest collection of songs. It's a word that could be interpreted in different ways. On one hand, it's something that humbles you, breaks you, puts you in your place. But it also has a redemptive quality, makes things right again. It's everything that God/Nature is, and everything Mankind/Technology can only pretend to be.

Those types of ideas have been woven into four albums now, beginning with Low Pining (2007), Dim The Aurora (2009) and Roam An Empty Space (mostly recorded in 2010 but properly released in 2013). We've played shows all around the U.S. going back to our days as Milton Mapes (and Joshua's time as bassist in Spoon) including the old Austin City Limits stage before they tore it down. We've toured or collaborated to some degree with some of our musical heroes (Centro-Matic, Willie Nelson, Sinead O'Connor, Cowboy Junkies, Doug Burr, Robert Plant, Chris Whitley) and had our music played on radio and television -- something we only DREAMED of back in the pre-internet era.

Someone once told me that our music takes 2-3 listens before it really takes hold. At first that sounded disappointing, but then I realized that some of my very favorite artists/albums are the same wayso maybe we're on the right track.

We're proud of what we've made and we hope you feel something from it. I'm not sure where to go from here or if there's anything left to say except that we're very appreciative of everyone who has listened or helped us along the way.

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