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Splotchy, play room punk Mica Levi - aka Micachu - and her equally splotchy sounding counterparts the Shapes devise a trippy little video piece for Jewellelry's "Turn Me Well". Invading a gradient background of swishing tree tops, an overlaid silhouette of Micachu speaks in loops and samples until the beat, and the verse drop in. Slurring, "You squeezed my heart so tight tonight. You must return it before you leave. Cos' you get to me you turn me well", Michachu makes her case for a little love. Won't you consider her plea for a few moments? - David Pitz

Artist Bio

Mica Levi, known by her stage name Micachu (born 1987) is an English singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. She is classically trained and is best known for experimental music in a variety of genres.

Levi was born and raised in Surrey, United Kingdom. The daughter of musicians, she started writing and playing music at the age of four. She studied violin, viola and composition at the Purcell School before being offered a scholarship to attend the Guildhall School of Music and Drama to study composition.

Levi performed as a DJ around the UK garage and grime scene in London, and released a mixtape titled Filthy Friends, which was posted on her Myspace page. For Filthy Friends she enlisted the help of friends and musicians of various backgrounds including MCs Baker Trouble, Brother May, Man Like Me & Ghostpoet, singer-songwriter Jack Peate, jazz band Troyka, London pop-band Golden Silvers, producers Kwes and Toddla T. Following its release, Filthy Friends became sought after on the London club scene.
While a student at Guildhall, Levi was commissioned to write an orchestral piece for the London Philharmonic Orchestra which was performed at the Royal Festival Hall in April 2008.

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