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We dig any band that can trace its' pedigree to a Wham! obsession, a move to Brooklyn, and a keytar tattoo. That's commitment, damnit! That tells you everything you need to know about Shaun Hettinger, the force behind Memoryy. Turning up the dial on the band's new single "Don't Give Up", it's easy to hear, as scrumptious bits of electro-pop collide with that persevering attitude of Hettinger's. The band's video, which we're premiering, also meets the song's narrative head on. Though things might seem sterile or lifeless at first (in this case, a relationship gone bad), busting through the milky white exterior of things ultimately provides a mighty big payoff.

"Don't Give Up" is from the band's new Electric City EP.

Artist Bio

Evolution is inescapable. Ten years ago Shaun Hettinger's musical output was LA synth-rock outfit The Squares, with co-songwriter/guitarist Jeff "Jiffy" Wild from E! Channel's Chelsea Lately & After Lately.

One Wham! obsession, a move to Brooklyn, a keytar tattoo, and five years later, Hettinger set his sights on crafting chillwave synth-pop in his new project Kitten Berry Crunch. With the release of a few hilarious cat-music videos & their 2012 Dreams EP, mixed by DFA producer Eric Broucek, Kitten Berry Crunch won the internet's attention.

Memoryy is Hettinger's newest musical evolution. Retaining the core of Kitten Berry Crunch's line-up (Adam Magnan on percussion, Dan Morosi on drums, & Sean Silva on bass), Memoryy ditches the tongue-in-cheek synth-pop for the sharp indie futurism found on their brand new Electric City EP. This is an album based in 1983 but written for 2013 Equal parts Afro-pop, disco funk, electronic & ambient, the five tracks here create a sprawling musical journey for fans of Empire of the Sun, Twin Shadow, Passion Pit, Cut Copy & Phoenix.

Electric City was produced by Attiss Ngo & Davd Vasallo, and featuring the mix work of James Benjamin (Purity Ring).



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