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Watch Matt Pond PA play with rabbits and farm animals in his chill video for "Rabbit."

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Matt Pond was born in the state of New Hampshire where the state tree is the white birch, the bird is a purple finch, and the motto is live free or die. While he never hunted, he was quite skilled with a shovel and chainsaw. During college Matt played trumpet, French horn, and a little piano. He began teaching himself guitar in college, which materialized as his own unique brand of self-proclaimed professionally awkward playing kind of like a contortionist, but different. Very soon, he started playing in bands. Remarkably, his first two shows were opening for Superchunk and Bikini Kill. While living in Philadelphia working as a furniture mover, Pond met cellist Jim Hostetter while moving his furniture. The two struck up a friendship and Hostetter immediately began writing cello arrangements which became the heart of 1998's limited release Deer Apartments, the bands first full-length. Pond soon began writing and working with engineer Brian McTear whose production and musicianship greatly fleshed out matt pond PAs sound as evidenced by their second full-length, Measure, released by File 13 Records in 2000.



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Matt Pond PA

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