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Marco Argiro, stepping out from his duties at the helm of The Killing Floor, premieres a new video for "Love"; the title track from his recently released solo album. The song and video, which we've got the exclusive first look at here, has a nice street-smart, electric boogie to it, courtesy of the singer's cited influences of legendary artists like Tom Petty and The Kinks. We're going to name-check a few more; The Strokes, Chuck Berry...why not? Argiro's certainly taking cues from all the right places...no bigger than the message that ripples through the tune. "Love Is All You Need". I think I've heard that somewhere before.

Love Can Be Purchased HERE.

Artist Bio

With a nod to his great influences such as The Beatles (Revolver-era), Tom Petty, The Kinks, Elliot Smith, and The Traveling Wilburys, Marco Argiro's Love calls to mind a psychedelic era of rock infused with harmonies reminiscent of the West Coast sounds of the 70s. The album represents love in all variations: young love, faltering love, and love's evolution over time. The title track and first single, 'Love,' takes a simple and classic message 'All you need is love' and reinterprets it for a new generation.

Argiro has made a name for himself internationally in the ultra melodic power-pop band Le Mood, as well as the transatlantic anthemic rock group The Killing Floor. 'Ever the quintessential frontman,' (The Broward Palm Beach New Times), Argiro caught the eye and ear of Marky Ramone in 2010. Ramone tapped Argiro to take over as lead vocalist, filling in for the ailing Michael Graves (The Misfits) during the kickoff of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg European tour. For Argiro, a lifelong Ramones fan, it was a dream come true. The experience inspired Love's closing track, 'Will You Remember Poison Heart?'. Ramone has continued to support Argiro and The Killing Floor, personally selecting them as openers for a recent show at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

After his solo debut in 2005, Argiro began to release music under the pseudonym 'Le Mood.' Splitting his time between Le Mood and The Killing Floor, Argiro also started his own record label, Outright Rock Records.



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