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It's not every day a band from mother Russia lands in your lap...though, from the looks of this glistening, summer set video premiere for "Whispers In My Mind", you wouldn't know it. Man Bites Dog could have shot this somewhere amongst familiar stretches of cornfields in Kansas, Iowa, or Nebraska. The jam might sound familiar too, as the main keyboard line riffs on the infamous Twin Peaks intro music. "Whispers In My Mind" is the band's debut U.S. single, and they'll be looking to make some noise over here, so keep your eyes and ears open.

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Man Bites Dogs are a Moscow based indie rock band that have been playing since 2004. Over the years they have independently released their own music, played many gigs and performed at several major music festivals. The line up has gone through changes but since 2010 Man Bites Dog have settled down as a four-piece band. Band??s sound and esthetics roots from the 80's and 90's American indie underground that have all inspired them. In the fall 2011 Man Bites Dog released a "Safe and Sound" EP plus a new single "Whispers in my mind" followed by a video.



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