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Atlanta quartet Lyonnais carve strange, sonic moods into their music. "A Sign From On High / Modern Calvary", for example, is soaked in dark, apocalyptic undertones. There is something unpleasant bubbling under the surface, though getting specific about what that is probably not the way to go. The song's video doesn't help either. It's surreal, mystical, and lonely in that last man standing kind of way. Have a look.

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Lyonnais started in 2008 as a musical outlet for longtime friends and collaborators Farbod Kokabi and Farzad Moghaddam. Immediately after witnessing a Rhys Chatham performance, the duo realized that they needed to fill a void in Atlanta 'S otherwise vibrant music scene. Practicing wherever they could (often after hours in the offices of Georgia State Universitys radio station), Moghaddam (bass, synth, vox) and Kokabi (guitar, synth, vox) set out to develop their ideas, enlisting additional support from Lee Tesche (guitar, vox) and TJ Blake (drums & percussion) . Capturing Labradfords brooding post rock and Spacemen 3's signature drones, the groups early live experiments were honed while sharing the stage with Deerhunter, Windy & Carl, Growing, Lightning Bolt, and Grouper.


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