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Lucius came to be in a creaky Victorian home in Brooklyn's Ditmas Park neighborhood. The home was a place where many musicians came and went, so it was only a matter of time before singers Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe found the band and creative energy they were looking for. Recently they released a self-titled EP; a collection that contains the song "Don't Just Sit There". It's a pleading sort of song...a demand you don't really want to know the answer to. In this video premiere, the band deliver the track in a live setting, painted in projected colors, while big woozy guitars and paired, female harmonies float about the room. It's all rather lovely, so do be sure to track down the EP. The band's proper full-length debut will be released sometime in the New Year.

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When they wrote their self-titled EP, Lucius was living in an old victorian house in Brooklyn's Ditmas Park. They found the place on Craigslist, not knowing it was a recording studio and music school for 60 years prior. There were so many treasures that had been left behind - like the 100 year old Steinway piano that would nurture their writing habits. The four-story musical fortress also housed 8 other musician friends and would soon open their doors to bandmates, Danny Molad, Peter Lalish and later, Andrew Burri.

Holly and Jess have had a relationship filled with coincidences. Their lives are uniquely in sync. "When we were ready to make our record we felt it was imperative that the recording reflect that synergy. None of us were concerned with trying to sound like 'a band', we just wanted to create a unique environment for each song to sit in." Much of their record is about these unique experiences, told from the same perspective, at the same time, with the same sentiment. Two voices as one.

Lucius has been described by the New York Times as having "luscious, luminous, lilting lullabies", by Seventeen Magazine as "alluring and magnetic" and their song "Don't Just Sit There" is currently being played on NPR's All Songs Considered. Their self-titled EP, produced by Tony Berg (Phantom Planet, Aimee Mann, Beck), bandmate, Dan Molad (Elizabeth & The Catapult, Luke Temple/Here We Go Magic) & Steve Wall, is an exciting debut.



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