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Loxsly are from Austin, and they sound like it. Like the town's most well known outfit Spoon, these boys play their hand at a slightly be-bopping kind of pop...with absolute ease, no less. But all that's just a finish, see. 'Cause under the band's (mostly) good-natured facade lies plenty of tension flows, and reflexive, if not vulnerable undertones. Blame Cody Ground's trembling vocals if you have to. Or chalk it up to the graceful spires of guitars that jet up out of the rhythmic rubble. Whatever the case, the band build the kind of tunes that one could either snap their finger or break their heart to. That's pretty much all things to all people as far as I'm concerned.

Recently the band released their third album, Tomorrow's Fossils. With that comes all the essentials, of course. One such thing? A somewhat disturbing video for "Battalions". In it, hazmat archeologists unearth the body of a young woman, with the band in hot pursuit. Oh, and this is a Baeble exclusive. You can't see this anywhere but here! - David Pitz


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