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Lowlakes move in mysterious ways. There sound is ripe with ambiance; from singer Tom Snowdon's ghostly falsetto to the wide open swirl of guitar work. This is music worth pressing the eyelids tight for. Give it a shot. Now open them. Chances are what you saw resembles something similar to "Song For Motion's" grainy black and white treatment. It is simple music, yet filled with plenty of dynamic contrasts. Once you're done painting that scene in your mind have a look at the band's video premiere for the song the whole way through.

Artist Bio

A move south from Alice Springs for childhood friends Bill Guerin (bass), Jack Talbot (drums), and Thomas Snowdon (vocals, guitar) saw the birth of Melbourne-based Lowlakes in 2009. Having played music together since 2005, as 'The Moxie', the trio's relocation was a fresh start and spurred the beginnings of a direction change toward the alternative indie-rock scene.

Yet it was the early recruitment of guitarist Brent Monaghan that crystallised this transformation. Monaghan's dream-pop and post-punk tendencies invigorated a new taste for atmospheric sound-scapes that have come to characterise the group's dark and uplifting compositions.

Lowlakes' marriage of ambience with alternative, indie, and pop makes for an intriguing combination. Snowdon's gripping vocal has earned high praise and comparison to the likes of Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons), Matt Berninger (The National), and Jeff Buckley. Lingering melody that effortlessly skips from haunting baritone to a husky falsetto leads an often rigid and powerful rhythm section with tasteful guitar work finding space somewhere in-between.

Proving more than agreeable to the Melbourne palette, the group have put together a string of successful performances over two years. Until now the band have held off putting material to tape, preferring to take time to hone their craft locally. Lowlakes are currently recording their debut release in Mornington independent studio, 'Kunsthaus'. A release date is soon to be announced.


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