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"Hello Sadness" indeed. Los Campesinos! video for the title track from their new record is a creative collage of various bits of torture and abuse, all inflicted upon helpless band members. As the pace picks up so to does the abuse, all leading up to one big 'ole twist at the end. So much for "Hope springs eternal" dudes! Geez... Directed by Casey Raymond and Ewan Jones Morris.

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Los Campesinos! are a seven piece indie pop band from Cardiff, Wales, formed in early 2006 at Cardiff University.
Although the band formed in Wales, none of its members are Welsh. They released their debut album, Hold on Now, Youngster..., in February 2008 and followed this up by releasing a record titled We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, in October that year. Whilst many consider it to be an album due to its length, the band have always referred to it as a 'record' or EEP (extended EP) for contractual and artistic reasons. Their second official album, entitled Romance Is Boring, was released on 1 February 2010. Their fourth full-length release, Hello Sadness, was released on 14 November 2011. The band toured the US and UK extensively throughout 2012.

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