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Loney Dear's music makes for great, introspective companion pieces. Maybe it's his preferences for tunes that are light and airy, filling sonic pools with a sort of warm, whimsical wash of atmosphere. It's easy to dive in to...which I think is what makes his new video for "Loney Blues" so poignant. Here we have the sad somber tale of a masked and tattered individual, lost in Brooklyn's isolating slabs of asphalt and concrete. Yet, unexpected connections are made -- with a cat, with a visual of Emil Svanngen (Loney Dear) singing on an abandoned tv, with a lady who absolutely loses it when she sees his '"face" -- making it somewhat possible to leap into this characters' shoes, feeling his emotions, empathizing with his well-being (or lack thereof), and hoping his luck will change.

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Apparently, lightning does in fact strike twice. In exactly the same way that indie chamber folk auteur Jens Lekman was discovered -- his homemade CD-Rs falling into the right hands -- Lekman's Swedish compatriot Emil Svanngen ended up signed to a respected American indie label when someone in Sub Pop's Seattle offices happened upon the talented singer/songwriter's early homemade discs through the Internet. Hailing from the small city of Jonkoping, Sweden, Svanngen first began recording homemade, overdubbed tapes of delicate, folkish indie pop (with shades of acts like Belle & Sebastian, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the Magnetic Fields) in the early 2000s. As Loney, Dear, Svanngen self-released three homemade CD-Rs through his website: River Fontana Redux, Citadel Band, and Solange. As buzz developed through MP3 blogs and other new media manifestations, Sub Pop offered Svanngen a contact in 2006. The first proper Loney, Dear album, Loney, Noir, was released in early 2007, as Svanngen put together a full-band lineup of the group for his first international tour. - allmusic.com



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