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Newcomer Lizzy Land will get into your head with the earworm worthy song and video for "Messed Up."

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Lizzy Land is, in fact, Lizzy Land's given name and she's here to prove her songwriting prowess with indelible hooks and earnestly crafted lyrics. A native of Portland now based in LA, Land formed her first band via Craigslist at 18. She worked restaurant jobs while living in New York City to pay the rent before calling it quits and moving back West, which led to collaborations with Mating Ritual, Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun and Paul Oakenfold. In 2016, she released her first solo single, "Sweet Melodies," which exploded on Spotify, jumpstarting her now over 14 million cumulative streams. Land's songs have been featured on shows like Grey's Anatomy, The Resident, and Dynasty. Her debut EP "intro music plays," is due this summer.


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Lizzy Land

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