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LIVVIA's "Damn" is a summer kissed California dream.

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LIVVIA has been singing, writing songs, dancing, and playing piano and guitar for as long as she can remember. Originally from the Bay Area, she began traveling back and forth to Los Angeles at the age of 13 to advance her musical studies and career. When she was in her late teens, she toured internationally as a solo artist with such artists as Jessie J., Meghan Trainor, The Jonas Brothers and more.

Now, a few years later, LIVVIA has embraced a more developed sound. She took the time in those intervening years to also grow and mature as a person shes nearly completed her degree in Economics from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley.

Along with the time spent on her studies, LIVVIA devoted a large portion of 2017 in the studio of the in-demand production and songwriting team Rock Mafia, comprised of Antonina Armato and Tim James (credits: Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, ZEDD, Ariana Grande, and more) preparing her 2018 EP.

LIVVIA said, They were the first people who really asked me what I wanted to do and really listened to my answers We have a lot of chemistry and I know that weve created magic together. To realize the sound they had imagined, Rock Mafia assembled a talented group of artists, producers, and DJs and together, they collaborated on a diverse body of vibrant new songs.

Not only do her songs display pristine pop production with undeniably hooky choruses, they also reflect many different aspects of herself. She says, It wasnt until I gave myself the freedom and space to just be me that I started to create music that felt like an authentic reflection of who I really am. She explains, When youre being true to yourself, no one can tell you that youre broken, and no one should try to fix you.

Confident in her own skin, and displaying her fashionable originality through a distinctive sporty/chic personal style, LIVVIA embraces who she is as a young woman and as an artist. She exudes enthusiasm and positivity, and while her music and lyrics continue to evolve, her motivation has been, and always will be, the same: to inspire and empower people to be who they are. I never felt like I fit in, she said. I knew I could be a voice for people who feel the same.

Shes delighted with what she and her team have created vibrant pop counterbalanced with emotional weight and cant wait to unveil it to the world. Now in the creative drivers seat, LIVVIA says, Its amazing what happens when you finally decide to stop trying to please people and start owning your own power through your art and the way you live your life.

LIVVIA is proud that shes making it on her own timeline and her terms without straying from her mantra of Be fearless; break rules; dont be afraid to go your own way. She explains, Thats what being an artist means.

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