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Smashing light bulbs and beer bottles on the ground while Kitty raps, "the devil made me do it" makes for the perfect spooky late night listen of "Hittin Lixx".

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In other words, 19-year-old Kitty Prydeher stage name, recently shortened to just Kitty in order to spare X-Men fans some rageconfused the shit out of everyone last year. When she went viral with her video for Okay Cupid, a single from her last EP, haha im sorry, she was met with everything from seething vitriol to fascinated deconstructions of her persona. (Even The New York Times took a stab at figuring Kitty out.) But the more people squabbled in YouTube comments sections, the more people listened, and the more people noticed: the girl is actually pretty good.



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Kitty Pryde

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